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What data we collect

The analytics data we collect is limited to:

  • Botkube Agent version,

  • Kubernetes version,

  • Number of cluster nodes (control plane and worker nodes count),

  • Names of enabled integrations (notifiers and bots),

  • Handled events in anonymized form, grouped by the integration (communication platform) name.

    For each event, we collect its type (e.g. create or delete), resource API Version and resource Kind. Any custom resource API groups or Kinds are excluded from the analytics collection.

  • Executed commands in anonymized form.

    For kubectl commands, only the command verb is collected. Resource name and namespace are excluded from the analytics collection.

  • Enabled plugin names and anonymized RBAC configuration.

  • App errors (crashes, configuration and notification errors).

As an anonymous cluster identifier, we use the uid of kube-system Namespace.

Botkube CLI tool collects:

  • Botkube CLI version,
  • OS type from which Botkube CLI is run,
  • An information whether a successful botkube login was executed in a form of a boolean value (true/false)
  • Anonymous machine ID from machineid library,
  • Executed command names, such as login, install, etc.

How to opt out

To disable sending the anonymous analytics, provide the analytics.disable: true override during Helm chart installation or upgrade. See the Helm chart parameters for more details about Helm chart configuration.

To disable sending the anonymous analytics for Botkube CLI, execute the command

botkube telemetry disable

This configuration will be stored locally in ~/.botkube/config.json file, if this file is deleted, the telemetry will be enabled again.