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Version: 1.12



This plugin is hosted by the Botkube Cloud plugin repository and requires active Botkube Cloud account.

The Botkube Keptn source plugin allows you to consume events from Keptn deployment and notify in configured platforms.

Get started

Enable the plugin

You can enable the plugin as a part of Botkube instance configuration.

  1. If you don't have an existing Botkube instance, create a new one, according to the Installation docs.
  2. From the Botkube Cloud homepage, click on a card of a given Botkube instance.
  3. Navigate to the platform tab which you want to configure.
  4. Click Add plugin button.
  5. Select the Keptn plugin.
  6. Click Save button.


Once it is enabled, Botkube Keptn plugin will consume Keptn events and send them to configured platforms as shown below.

Keptn Events


This plugin supports the following configuration:

# Keptn API Gateway URL.
url: "http://api-gateway-nginx.keptn.svc.cluster.local/api"
# Keptn API Token to access events through API Gateway.
token: ""
# Optional Keptn project.
project: ""
# Optional Keptn Service name under the project.
service: ""
# Logging configuration
# Log level
level: info