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Version: Unreleased 🚧


The general settings holds a general configuration for the Botkube backend. For example, log level, disabling config watcher and similar.


# General Botkube configuration.
# Cluster name to differentiate incoming messages.
clusterName: not-configured
# If true, notifies about new Botkube releases.
upgradeNotifier: true
# Botkube logging settings.
# Sets one of the log levels. Allowed values: `info`, `warn`, `debug`, `error`, `fatal`, `panic`.
level: info
# If true, disable ANSI colors in logging.
disableColors: false

# Parameters for the Config Watcher container.
# It watches for data changes of any ConfigMap or Secret with the label ` "true"` from the namespace where Botkube is installed, and restarts Botkube.
# If true, restarts the Botkube Pod on config changes.
enabled: true
# Timeout for the initial Config Watcher sync.
# If set to 0, waiting for Config Watcher sync will be skipped. In a result, configuration changes may not reload Botkube app during the first few seconds after Botkube startup.
initialSyncTimeout: 0

The default configuration for Helm chart can be found in the values.yaml file.