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Version: Unreleased 🚧

Getting Started

Botkube includes a command-line interface (CLI) that you can use to interact with Botkube and Botkube Cloud from your terminal, or from a script.


Select tab depending on the system you use:

Use Homebrew to install the latest Botkube CLI:

brew install kubeshop/botkube/botkube

Alternatively, download the Botkube CLI binary and move it to a directory under your $PATH:

curl -Lo botkube
chmod +x botkube && mv botkube /usr/local/bin/botkube

First use

For the commands that are nested under cloud command you first need to authenticate with Botkube cloud by running:

botkube login

If credentials are valid, the output is:

Login Succeeded

All available commands you can simply discover by running botkube --help or botkube <command> -h to see the help output which corresponds to a given command.


To learn how to enable autocompletion for your shell, run:

botkube completion --help

NOTE: Be sure to restart your shell after installing autocompletion.

When you start typing a botkube command, press the <tab> character to show a list of available completions. Type -<tab> to show available flag completions.