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Version: 1.12

Elasticsearch for Botkube Cloud


  • Botkube Cloud account which you can create here for free.

Create a Botkube Cloud Instance with Elasticsearch

  1. Go to Botkube Cloud Web App and create a new instance.

    You can do it by clicking "Create an Instance" button on Home Page or under this link Create an Instance

  2. Fill in the Instance Display Name and click Next button.

    Instance Display Name

  3. Click Add platform dropdown, and select Elasticsearch option.

    Select Platform

  4. Fill in all required data in the form


  5. Add plugins you want to enable in your Botkube instance and click Next button.


  6. Include optional default aliases and default actions and click Create button to create Botkube Cloud instance.



    If you don't include other platforms which use Executor plugins we recommend default aliases and default actions options unchecked

  7. Follow the instructions in the summary page to deploy Botkube into your environment.


Clean up

Remove Botkube from Kubernetes cluster

  1. Go to Botkube Cloud instances page and click Manage button of the instance you want to remove.

  2. Click Delete instance button, type instance name in the popup and click Delete instance.


    Remember to execute the displayed command to completely remove Botkube and related resources from your cluster.