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Version: 1.12

Migrating installation to Botkube Cloud

Migrating installation to Botkube Cloud

If you have started using Botkube with the Open Source installation, you have the option to migrate this instance to be managed using Botkube Cloud.

To make the migration process easier, we provide a dedicated botkube cloud migrate command that seamlessly transfers your Botkube installation to Botkube Cloud.

Supported Botkube platforms:

  • Socket Slack
  • Discord
  • Mattermost


  1. Install Botkube CLI

  2. Login into Botkube Cloud

  3. Run Botkube migrate:

    botkube cloud migrate


The following list contains current limitations that we will address in the near future:

  • extraObjects in Botkube helm configurations are ignored. If you have any extra resources under extraObjects section, you need to migrate them on your own.
  • Custom rbac.groups are ignored.
  • All 3rd-party plugins are ignored.
  • Minimal supported Botkube version is v1.0.0.

See more

To learn more about botkube cloud migrate and all supported settings, visit the Botkube migrate document.