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Version: 1.7


Embedded logging allows you to access more information about the runtime operations of Botkube plugins.

By default:

  • the gRPC client log level is set to info,
  • the standard error (stderr) of a plugin binary is logged at error level,
  • the standard output (stdout) of a plugin binary is ignored.

To change the default log level, export a dedicated environment variable following this pattern LOG_LEVEL_{pluginType}_{pluginRepo}_{pluginName}, e.g., LOG_LEVEL_EXECUTOR_BOTKUBE_KUBECTL. The possible log level values are:

  • trace
  • debug
  • info
  • warning
  • error
  • fatal
  • panic

The plugin standard output is logged only if debug level is set.


The plugin name is normalized and all characters different from letters, digits, and the underscore (_) are replaced with underscore (_).

To change the log level for a given plugin directly in the Botkube deployment, specify extraEnv in the values.yaml file. For example:

value: "debug"